Foie Gras, Porc Noir de Bigorre, Charcuterie traditionnelle artisanale du Gers, en Midi Pyrénées.

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Charcuterie-foie-gras Delicatessen Delicatessen from Gers


Traditional delicatessen from Gers feed

Toute la gamme de charcuterie gerçoise traditionnelle d'exception, de fabrication française.

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Home cured duck breast block - €8.00

[Product Details...]

Block of duck fat dried sea salt, vacuum packed Gers. Prepared according to traditional peasant old recipe, just salt and pepper. Ideal as an aperitif and for the preparation of salads.



Traditional chrorizo - €6.00

[Product Details...]

Authentic pork chorizo, according to the traditional recipe Iberian. Ideal to accompany an entrée, salad, raw or cooked. Thinly sliced, this chorizo is perfect for an appetizer or tapas with friends.



Coppa - 1 Kg - €25.00

[Product Details...]

1 kg de Coppa traditionnelle du Gers à base de porc affinée 3 mois. Cette coppa est fabriquée selon la méthode à l'ancienne: au sel et au poivre, et aux boyaux naturels. Charcuterie sans conservateur. Convient pour un apéritif ou une raclette par exemple.



Coppa - €40.00

[Product Details...]

Traditional Coppa Gers pork refined 3 months. The coppa is made according to the old method: salt and pepper, and natural casings. Meats without preservatives. Suitable for an aperitif or a squeegee for example.



home Jambon de Bayonne - €44.00

[Product Details...]

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Flat chest pork - €20.00

[Product Details...]

Chest dried meat pork plate, made in the traditional way, with only salt and pepper. Dried and refined chest 2 months. This sausage can be cooked or baked (soup, stew, cabbage soup ...).



Rolled brisket of pork - €20.00

[Product Details...]

Breast dried pork and rolled according to traditional craft method. Drying and ripening: 2 months. This chest is a deli that may be suitable as a starter or as an accompaniment to a squeegee for example.



Rillettes de canard - €6.50

[Product Details...]

Pot de rillettes pur canard du Gers, sans colorant, ni conservateur. Viande de canard gras 65%, graisse de canard, sel et poivre. Pour 3 à 4 personnes. Poids net: 190g.



Traditional liver sausage - €5.50

[Product Details...]

Toulouse sausage fresh pork liver, derived from traditional Corsican recipe figatellu. More or less dry, the liver sausage can be eaten as an appetizer or a meal to be cooked.



Home dry sausage - €7.00

[Product Details...]

Sausage gerçoise pure pork. Tasty and flavorful, it is best enjoyed during aperitifs, parties or receptions. This dry sausage is a traditional French recipe, sausage nonindustrial campaign.



Traditional French Sausage - €7.00

[Product Details...]

French pure pork sausage, homemade. Shell casings natural pig grain-fed in the Midi Pyrenees. This deli countryside is perfect for an appetizer, a party or a reception with friends and family.



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