Foie Gras, Porc Noir de Bigorre, Charcuterie traditionnelle artisanale du Gers, en Midi Pyrénées.

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Bigorre Black Pork sausageBlack Pork Terrine from Bigorre

Traditional French Sausage

Traditional French Sausage

French pure pork sausage, homemade. Shell casings natural pig grain-fed in the Midi Pyrenees. This deli countryside is perfect for an appetizer, a party or a reception with friends and family.


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Weight: about 350 g.

Pork in the region Midi Pyrénées prepared traditional and artisanal sausage so pure. The envelope is sausage in natural casings, trim pork is grain-fed by local producers. It was dried and ripened naturally in our laboratory.

Our sausage is a natural product of French tradition, rich in taste and flavor to suit an appetizer, a party or reception.

This sausage is a sausage Excellence Campaign, a non-industrial product, authentic and great gourmet taste and quality. It will suit young and old, as well as lovers of French gastronomy.

This deli prestige is a local product, whose recipe is part of the historical and cultural heritage of France, such as foie gras and duck dried.


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